Sean Gresh declares candidacy for One Baltimore Mayor, vowing to bring change by bringing the disenfranchised into the process, and challenging the nation’s high tech leaders to invest their money, manpower and technology to help Baltimore emerge as One Safe and Smart City.

(Baltimore) Sean Bernard Gresh is a white, 78 year old college professor, author and grandfather–a self described common sense political novice– who has declared his Democratic candidacy for Mayor of Baltimore, the latest in an expanding field of candidates dominated by African-American politicians. 

“My friends are amazed that a 78 year-old would even imagine let alone do something as bold as running for mayor for one of America’s troubled cities, said Gresh. “I respond by asking “Why not?” My questions and my messages are resonating with those I’ve been reaching. And among my supporters are those who are very conservative and those are more liberal. The issues bringing us together are beyond partisanship.”

Not lost on many is that Gresh and leading Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders are not just the same age, but they share the first name, Bernard.  Growing up Gresh was known to his friends and family as Bernard, which he eventually adopted as his middle name, and legally change to Sean as his first name and Bernard second, when he wrote his first article for publication in Glamour magazine.  While Gresh and Sanders differ on certain issues, their focus on social issues, relying on grassroots funding and calling on big business to step up are campaign keystones for both candidates.

Gresh brings a youthful enthusiasm and a passion for making a difference to the campaign. He is committed to being out in all of Baltimore’s neighborhoods to meet and listen to citizens.  

“The problems facing Baltimore are unimaginably complex and sad,” adds Gresh. “I’m working 10 to 12-hour days visiting tough areas and listening to citizens concerns.. and I’m visiting other areas and tapping my networks to join together to establish ONE Baltimore that serves all of its citizens selflessly.” 

“My campaign is centered on bringing the two Baltimores together — the tourist-business-great-neighbourhoods Baltimore with the side of Baltimore that is Baltimore’s Forgotten Majority, the 150,000+ who are poor and have given up on politics,” said Gresh in making his announcement initially on Facebook and Instagram (@OneBaltimoreMayor) and on Twitter (@OneBaltMayor). He is SeanGresh on Linked In.

His grassroots campaign has begun to gain momentum on social media, where this former high tech communications executive and very active college professor is able to reach and engage voters in Baltimore City as well as a cadre of experts in crime, safe cities technology, authors, journalists who are make up his network of influencers.

“It’s time for radical change and bold new solutions akin to those created to rebuild war-stricken cities.” declares Gresh. “I am only one man, but working together and forging alliances between public and private sectors, we cannot fail.”  It is time for the high tech industry to put their resources–their money, manpower and technology–to work here in Baltimore to create a safe and smart future that stands as a model for America and the world.”

Location:  Freddie Gray Memorial Mural 
                  1702 Presbury St, Baltimore, MD 21217

Media Contact:
Campaign Phone: 443-214-8180